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I Need Your Help

Dear Friends and Family,

I have received the following email from the Digital Marketing Manager at Cedar Fort. I need about twenty of my friends and family to respond. I could also use more reviews of my other two books: The Infinite Creation and The Infinite Fall.

Hi Trent!

Reviews are incredibly important to your book’s success. Reviews act as simulated word-of-mouth, lending confidence to potential readers considering purchasing your book!

To assist you in acquiring reviews, we here at Cedar Fort Publishing have invested in a service called BookFunnel to provide you with a landing page with digital review copies of your ebook:

Send this link to bloggers, podcasters, influencers, and family and friends that would be willing to read and review your book on GoodReads, Google Books, and/or their favorite review sites. (20+ reviews is a huge help).

There’s a default limit of 100 free downloads [he has increased this to 200 for me], which is usually more than sufficient, but please speak to us if you need more or less, and we can set that up for you.

It’s a general best practice to ask your reviewers to send you a link to their review when they’ve finished. If you do, please share them with us as well! We often use the reviews in Cedar Fort’s marketing efforts for your book. Thank you, and happy marketing!

Clint Hunter

Cedar Fort, Inc. | Digital Marketing Manager 801-477-9023

Thank you so much.

Trent Stephens

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