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Where Science Meets Religion

For all of you who live close to Pocatello:

I will be conducting a series of lectures/discussions, entitled "Where Science Meets Religion," every Thursday for some time to come, starting this Thursday, January 12, beginning at 6 PM. The first lecture will be entitled, "It's About Time." After the lecture, I plan to stay as long as anyone has questions, about anything, or points of discussion.

The meeting will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Century Ward building, 2271 S 4th Ave (4th and Fredregill Road), in the Relief Society Room. According to the Handbook of Instruction, this type of meeting is allowed in ward buildings. I have also obtained permission from the bishop to hold these meetings.

If you or anyone you know has ever wondered if science and religion are compatible, then these lectures/discussions are for you/them. I have had many years' of study and discussion on numerous issues concerning the Church and science. I don't know of any questions that have been posed, such as on the internet, that I have not seen. Of course, that statement is circular, but I am open to any questions and/or discussions. I am especially interested in reaching young people who may be struggling with issues concerning what they learn in Seminary/Institute vs what they learn in science classes, especially biology. I have been very actively involved as a scientist and active member of the Church in such issues for over 63 years. There probably very few people living today who have been studying these issues longer than I, and I would love to share my insights with others.

For those of you who don't live close to Pocatello:

I would love to come and share similar discussions wherever I can.

Trent D. Stephens, PhD

Emeritus Professor of Anatomy and Embryology

Idaho State University


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