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My Talk: Who is Adam?

I will be giving a talk, entitled Who is Adam?, Wednesday, May 25, at 7 pm at Liberty Hall, 325 W Benton St, Pocatello. The charge is $10 per person, students are free.

Have you ever wondered how to reconcile the overwhelming evidence that the human species, Homo sapiens, first appeared on earth some 300,000 years ago with the scriptural statement that Adam was the “first man” a mere 6,000 years ago?

If so, then this talk is for you.

Have you ever wondered what Jude 1:9 means?

If so, then this talk is for you.

WARNING: This talk my cause you to think.

Please invite everyone you know to join us.

The goal of my talks is to strengthen the testimonies of those who think science is a barrier to being religious. I also want to help people ponder the scriptures and remove false notions of what the scriptures say where science and religion seem to clash.

If you don’t live in Pocatello, I hope to come to wherever you are and give this or one of my many other talks – I just need a group of around one hundred or more. My fee for out-of-town talks is $20 per person, students are free. If I give a fireside, it is free for everyone, but then I also would like to give a separate, charged talk at another venue to cover my travel expenses, etc.

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